Some Background – Why Advisor Garage?

I have a curse! No, nothing itchy or red…And thankfully I’ve met others like me so there may be some safety in numbers.

Some people step over cracks in the side walk, others count under their breaths, more have to arrange their eating implements ‘just so’ before they begin a meal.

Me…? Well, I keep having new product and business ideas…can’t help it. Not within my control. Sorry!Where do they come from? Often from being annoyed or disappointed in somthing…something which doesn’t meet up to my expectations after I’ve been drawn in by those canny Marketing folks.

Other times it starts with…”Wouldn’t it be good if….” and before you can trip over your own laces, your brain is running through the idea orchard trying to pick as many fruit as possible, taking a bite or two out of each before running to the next juicy item dropping the old ones as it goes…So why Advisor Garage?
So there I was…sitting on a board that the UK Government had established (Yes, I do now live in the US…that’s another story)…anyway, back to the day in question….sitting on the board…which comprised of just Entrepreneurs…(we were some of the lucky ones who were supposed to input into Government thinking and policy on how to make the UK more entrepreneurial)…So anyway, there we all were listening to the results of something called the ‘Big Survey’ and one of the ‘facts’ from the survey jumped out at me….I asked the speaker to repeat his last sentence…

“So we found that there is not a shortage of funds available for small business…its just that they are not ‘investment ready'”.

hummm…as a serial entrepreneur, these guys are telling me that there is money aplenty…it’s just that my and other entrepreneurs small businesses or business plans are just not ‘ready’ to receive an investment. Not good enough perhaps…half baked maybe…

Let’s pause here…Now we could debate all day about if this is the case…but let’s just take it at face value…if entrepreneurs knew how to make their businesses or their business concepts ‘investment ready’….then they would get the cash they need. How could I help? What could I do? How can entrepreneurs get their businesses investment ready? I know…hook them up with people that have done it many times before…and what’s an efficient way of doing that?Ahha! An Entrepreneurs / Serial Entrepreneur / Mentor / Advisor / VC ‘Dating’ Site!

Ahha! http://www.AdvisorGarage.comWhy the name? Stay tuned…

Any questions, thoughts or rantings? Let me know…



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