Advisor Garage takes off…well, almost…

So, Advisor Garage is live and has been for a few weeks…the next step is to make sure that it does not just ‘sit’ there sucking its thumb but that it begins to take its first baby steps into the real world. But how to get the message out????

Never having launched a web service before I resorted to writing lots of emails to friends to beg, plead and cajole them into joining, recommending and helping Advisor Garage become more than a crazy project my wife has been scratching her head about for the past two years.

Then something internet weird happens…despite a zero marketing budget, no public relations people, or a marketing department, or a press release or basically anything at all (certainly no contacts at Business Week)…a Writer at Business Week writes an article entitled ‘What Entrepreneur’s need to know’. In that article, right at the top, he writes about Is that twilight zone or not?

I do not know who David Gumpert is but if ever I meet him…I owe him a drink of whatever he prefers. Thanks David…you are great! I’ll make it a double!

Oh yeah, we also submitted Advisor Garage to TechCrunch yesterday after watching a Google video from the founder about how to get on this premier Blog…the read between the lines seems to be…’Get referred by someone he knows’…well, as we don’t know anyone that know’s Michael Arrington (as far as we know…?)…we tried the regular, through the proletariat ‘Contact Us’ page on TechCrunch’s website.

We’ll let you know how it goes…God help us if we actually do get included in TechCrunch…our servers will turn into Swiss cheese….



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