Time to Check in on Advisor Garage…

Good morning, good evening or whatever is appropriate for wherever you are.  Thanks for stopping by…

As this is a blog about how we are working to get Advisor Garage into every home in the world….bigger than coke, Apple and Paris Hilton…cackle cackle! Hold it..I’ll stop right there.  Alright…its not true, I was just getting carried away.  I think that marks a distinction between Advisor Garage (http://www.AdvisorGarage.com) and other networking sites out there…We don’t want to me HUGE, we want to be small, exclusive to those that would gain real value and relevant!

When we designed Advisor Garage (and this is not a bad thing to consider if you are going through a similar process)…we decided on the functionality the site would have based on what we wanted it to be and do for its members.  So…? You say, don’t they all do that?  I would say most people building these kinds of site design it with members and their own business goals in mind i.e. being huge, making loads of cash, being the next ‘whatever’.

At Advisor Garage we purposefully avoided the ‘friend of friend’ tools that would give kudos to people by being linked to loads of others.  Advisor Garage would not be a shopping mall of people all working to gain attention amongst the hubbub and background noise of all the other members…we wanted Advisor Garage to be a small’ish group of people with similar goals and aspirations who would be motivated to connect and work together.

Let me explain what I mean…I joined linked in.  And so did almost everyone else with a computer.  Now what?  Well, I’m starting a business and would like to connect with someone who can help me get Advisor Garage onto the front page of ‘Wired’. So searching through Linked In…I find everyone who is connected to Wired and reach out.  The challenge is that those ‘Wired’ folks may be in the community for 101 other reasons. Ergo, there is a high potential for a mis-match.

Take Advisor Garage.  One side, Entrepreneurs…the other,people who are putting themselves forward to help entrepreneurs.  Could there be anything more aligned?

So does this mean it will be successful?  I really hope so…the results so far are we are growing every day and already have Advisors running well into the treble digits.  I have had quite a few entrepreneurs reach out to me with somthing along the lines of “Thank God for your site…we joined three weeks ago and we already have advisors that we are working with…”.  Thanks, its good to hear and more testimonials with help!

One little tip so it isn’t all about Advisor Garage…try to get your startup to revenue BEFORE you resign from your job!  I know its tempting to throw everything in and say ‘Vegas or bust’ but you don’t need to do it…if you make progress every day, even if its evenings or mornings, you’ll be surprised at where you get too in afew months and how close you are towards owning a revenue generating business.

Aha…you say…Advisor Garage isn’t charging so what about you?

Well, Advisor Garage is not our day job!  Fact!

We built it, we launched it, we get up before the sun does so we can work on it and go to bed too close to when we next need to get up. But we have day jobs and families…so until we are sure the value for Advisor Garage members is SIGNIFICANT…we won’t charge. And when we are sure its extremely valuable, we want it to be accessible, so it will be low, low priced!

 So no full time Advisor Garage for us! Shame! But wouldn’t it be so much big if we just did it every day? Maybe but we’d spend 50% of the time worrying about paying the mortgage so and ever depleting savings…so we built it, got it out there, and if people like it we hope they tell their friends.  Wink!

Hey, maybe one day…we’ll even get an office.  But I doubt it!



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