The Starfish & The Spider: A Social Networking Experiment did it’s thing on Thursday and delivered a book I had been waiting for with some excitment.  Opening the small brown box, I pulled the book out…here it was “The Starfish & the Spider; The Unstoppable Power of Leaderless Organizations.  Jumping in, I was soon engrossed.

Taking a two day step back in time, Michael, Hemant and I were working on what additional tools and functions to add to Advisor Garage(  We were looking at useful, valueable features without ‘going viral’.

Somehow these two activities became blended on Saturday, so I thought I would try an experiment…I took some of the tools and functionality we were looking at for Advisor Garage and create a ‘leaderless’ experiment.  i.e. a place where people can brainstorm ideas, work with others on them, knock them around a bit and leverage online tools to move them forward.  If people ‘got into it’ them maybe the ideas behind “Starfish & the Spider” could actually be right.

So let’s see….take a look at my weekend experiment, the only rule is, do whatever you want with it…anything, no boss, no ‘can’ or ‘can’ts’, it’s all about to the people that try it out… – A place for Great Ideas people to splice their ideas with others and move them forward however they want.  An Open Source approach to ideas if you like… That’s the experiment.  Let’s see if people try it out…

Let me know…


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