Who is ‘behind’ Advisor Garage?

If you look through Advisor Garage (http://www.AdvisorGarage.com) you will not see the usual heavily wordsmithed soundbites talking about who we are, the usual cheesy professional face shots or mentions of past cool companies we’ve worked at to convince people that Advisor Garage is an up and coming success. No matter how hard you try, it will be near impossible to find out much about our backgrounds unless you go hit Google and spend some time searching. Why?

We launched Advisor Garage three months ago and made the decision when launching the site that we would not include the biographies of the people who have been responsible for developing the service.  We have been asked since the launch ‘Who is behind Advisor Garage?’ and ‘Why don’t you include your biographies?’.

Our rationale is simple, Advisor Garage is an online service which brings great advisors together with great entrepreneurs…who really cares who are the two or three people that have been sitting in darkened rooms for the past eighteen months to develop the technology that just brings those people together?

The value of Advisor Garage is not in the technology nor the founders but in the breadth and depth of the experience of our members…so who’s behind Advisor Garage, the 500+ advisors and entrepreneurs who have joined Advisor Garage and are motivated to work together to create the next ground shaking businesses to service demanding customers and create jobs across multiple industries and in multiple countries.

“But what about if I REALLY want to know who started Advisor Garage?”
The answer to that question…if you insist, is go find us WITHIN Advisor Garage…I have created a profile which outlines some of my past experiences and how I would like to help entrepreneurs but the reality is I am just one more Advisor who is motivated to help the entrepreneurs in Advisor Garage.  And Michael, our technical guru, is also in Advisor Garage offering his extensive levels of expertise and motivation.

Does it matter that there’s not a page on the Advisor Garage founders like all the other new businesses out there? I would say no, the value behind Advisor Garage are the members and that is how it will continue to be as Advisor Garage grows.  The founders will continue to listen to signed up Advisors and entrepreneurs and will aim to deliver additional tools and services as our members let us know what they want to use and want to see.

So, if you can think of a way that Advisor Garage can do more for you as an Advisor or as an entrepreneur – tell us and we will do our best to deliver.  Just another reason why Advisor Garage members are those truly behind the site’s growth and increasing success.

It also helps that we don’t have investors to impress and are not ‘out’ looking for more cash so we can focus on the people that really matter… 



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