Advisor Garage: New Functionality & Improvements

Every few days we’ve received emails from Advisor Garage members.  Thanks and keep them coming!  Some of these emails suggest improvements and additional functionality that members would like to see.  We have recently added additional functionality to Advisor Garage based on these emails.

Latest Advisors & Locations:
1)  Our home page ( on the bottom left side now includes a dynamic list of new Advisors.  This section includes the Advisors usernames which you can click through to the Advisor’s profile and their location.

It has been facinating to see the breadth of Advisors signing up and where they are located, last week for example, I looked down the new Advisors list and saw they were from New York, San Francisco, London, Shanghai, Singapore, Australia and quite a few other places.  Given we have zero advertising budget it blows my mind that word of mouth about Advisor Garage’s value and services is reaching countries that are thousands of miles apart.  If I wasn’t focused on delivering more and more improvements to Advisor Garage, it would be interesting to map the power of word of mouth in terms of reaching people across continents.

Angels and Venture Capital Role & Search:
2)  We have just added the capability for Advisors to create Profile’s and Advisor Pitches as Angels and Venture Capitalists.  In turn, Advice seekers can search on these categories and also look for Advisors that wish to provide funds to Entrepreneurs as either Angels or Venture Capitalists. 

This was one piece of functionality that a number of members have requested and Michael, our Advisor Garage technical Magic Maker delivered and squeezed out this weekend.

So, if you are an Advisor who has an interest in being an investor in a hot new company, either create a profile as an Angel or create an Angel ‘pitch’ by clicking here (

If you are a Venture Capitalist and would like to create a profile or Advisory pitch offering your services as a VC, click here: (

How is it Going?
We launched Advisor Garage about in December and have never spent a dime on Advertising.  Not because we don’t want to…we just don’t have the cash to spend on ads yet.  However, over the last twelve weeks approximately 300+ Advisors and 300+ advice seekers have signed up to Advisor Garage.

Why Can’t You see them All?
Everyone whether members or not, can search through Advisor Garage and see what Advisors are onboard.  However, to protect their confidentiality and contact details, only Advisors who have created Advisor Pitches are ‘visible’ and can be found.  That means you can probably see 60-70% of all Advisors within Advisor Garage at this point.  If you are an Advisor within Advisor Garage and would like to create a 30 second pitch, click here: (

Only Advisors can see and search the entrepreneurs within Advisor Garage.  AG has been created this way as most entrepreneurs would probably prefer it if their new business ideas are not visible to all.  But if they have not created an elevator pitch then seekers are also ‘invisible’.  If you are an Advisor Garage advice seeker, create a new pitch by clicking here: (

What’s Are we working on now?
We are focused on a significant range of additional functions and services that will be included within Advisor Garage and made available in the April timeframe. Fingers crossed!  These elements with significantly enhance the benefits to all Advisor Garage members and should be central to helping entrepreneurs in their efforts to build their businesses and for Advisors to help find and help hot new companies.  More details? We’ll raise the cloak on the day of launch…stay tuned!

What would you like to see next on Advisor Garage?
We want to hear about improvements and additional services you want to see and use.  Let us know by contacting us via the Advisor Garage website.

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