Some Recent Advisors joining Advisor Garage – I’m Impressed!

Advisor Garage continues to attract some really great Advisors who are stepping up to help entrepreneurs achieve their startup and entrepreneurial goals.  Given that we have spent zero dollars on marketing and all people signing up are through word of mouth referrals – I am impressed and amazed at the quality of Advisors signing up and just how broad geographically the Advisor Garage message – Advisors helping Entrepreneurs, is reaching.

For example, in the last week, the following Advisors have joined Advisor Garage:

Latest Advisors – San Francisco
bigsur22 – Charlotte
kchampion – Menlo Park
GuyKingston – Bristol
aprakash – Silver Spring
chiatsiang – Singapore
sddickie – San Francisco
JonathanSharp – Arlington
fredscott – New York
index – San Francisco
laura15SecondPitch – New York
lbaroody – New Providence
Adrian101 – Maidenhead
kubursi – Burlington
soul2surf – lafayette

For example, Soul2Surf has created the following pitch:

Entrepreneur. Founder, Harvard Entrepreneurs Society; founding member of the Young Entrepreneur Organization (YEO), now; member of the Young Presidents Organization (YPO). Areas of expertise: raising capital, sales/marketing, developing a product, hiring, writing business plans and patents. Prior experience: real estate, microprocessors, software development, voice recognition, media, Internet companies, and others.

What a star Advisor!  Just one top quality advisor on Advisor Garage that will help entrepreneurs realize their business goals.

If you know of any other great Advisors or Entrepreneurs – Don’t forget to tell them about us!

Andrew (Blog)


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