What Do You Want to See Next From Advisor Garage?

Advisor Garage is growing every day.  So far 600+ entrepreneurs and advisor have joined since we launched a few months ago.  We want to continue to grow and believe that the main engine for our continued growth is to enhance the value to members on a weekly basis. 

Part of this comes from the members themselves (If you can think of someone that would benefit please stop here and let them know!) and part comes from listening to member feedback about what they want to see from the site next…

We recently added the ability for Advisors to create ‘Angel’ and ‘VC’ profiles and let entrepreneurs know that they would like to provide capital.  This feature was added because of member feedback. So if you are an Angel or VC, come to Advisor Garage and create an angel or VC pitch…

But what else would you like to see us add to Advisor Garage – the site which brings entrepreneurs together with great advisors – so that it adds even more value to you as an entrepreneur or advisor?

We want to hear all ideas or requests.  We really will look at every one and determine if and when we can add it to Advisor Garage’s functionality. As Spock used to say “We are all Ears!”

Let us know… http://www.advisorgarage.com/contactUs.htm




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