Advisor Garage – Globally Reaching Entrepreneurs and Advisors!


Member recommendations and word of mouth is a wonderful thing!  Thought I would share some recent information about the countries that are discovering Advisor Garage.

This is the most recent website rankings for Advisor Garage in some key countries:

United States            30,532
Pakistan                    31,476
Turkey                      151,167
Poland                       174,313
India                          180,894
Canada                      222,707
United Kingdom         521,936
China                         541,736

This reach is reflected in which Advisors (and entrepreneurs!) are joining…we have added two elements to the Advisor Garage home page which gives some insights:

  1. A list of the most recent 15 Advisors to join and

  2. An RSS feed of the fifty most recent Advisory Pitches so entrepreneurs can read through them quickly and efficiently (

How the Global Reach is translating into new Advisors with just the latest 15 Advisors:

Latest Advisors
  rhoucken – Hamburg, Germany
  rreiner – Toronto, Canada
  Carlossol – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  selethia – Ladson, USA
  artemgoncharuk – Arlington, USA
  dmitry.kachaev – Arlington, USA
  pavan – Bangalore, India
  prasadt – Philadelphia, USA
  soconnor – Menifee, USA
  TechSpin – El Segundo, USA
  aa97m03 – Alexandria, USA
  TNNW – Levittown, USA
  pauchterlonie – Austin, USA
  alecbeckett – Providence, USA
  mhawarey – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The reality is that the United States is still the dominant country in terms of interaction and entrepreneur/advisor signups but we are also getting some great advisors joining from multiple countries…China, India, Japan, South Africa, Brazil, Argentina and so on.

Wonder what would happen if we actually had a marketing budget? 🙂 the Mind boggles!

Want to add your Word of Mouth Power? Send contacts the following:

A colleague has just launched a new web service bringing potential business advisors together with entrepreneurs and early stage businesses. For Advisors – It’s a great way to discover new deal flow and get involved in hot new companies. For Entrepreneurs – it’s a great way to take your business to the next level in 2007! 
It’s called Advisor Garage – and was recently featured in Business Week!

Please sign up and forward this email to other great advisors and entrepreneurs.




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