Do You Need $2M for a Wireless Investment?

Looking for $2M for your wireless startup or young company? We’ll you’ve come to the right place…

Advisor Garage has a number of members who are venture capitalists.  Recently we had an VC join as an advisor that is looking for wireless investment opportunities.

So if you have the next ground breaking wireless company – consider reaching out to this Advisor and if your business is in another vertical, take a look through Advisor Garage and find yourself an investor today.

Advisory Pitch Advisor
MobileSolve Venture Partners, a subsidiary of MobileSolve Group, Inc., offers venture capital through an agreement with ITX International Holdings, Inc., the U.S. venture investment and business development vehicle of ITX Corporation, a publicly traded investment firm in Japan. Our focus is wireless, and we invest in all parts of the value chain. We will lead syndicates, and will invest up to $2 million in any single round with a maximum of $5 million invested in any one company. Contact us at, or +1-650-242-0114 . sgaynor
Role Offered: TBD
Service: Provide Investment
Industry: Communications
Experience: More than 20 years
Remuneration Sought: TBD

Interested? Click here to reach out to this advisor…



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