WhaleTails Tortilla Chip Entrepreneurs Sign Up to Advisor Garage

whale_tails.jpgWe haven’t written much about the entrepreneurs who join Advisor Garage yet but after chatting with the founders of WhaleTails Tortilla Chips – I was enthused to write a brief blog mention.

One morning, Ric and Rick with $3 to their names, were hit repeatedly by fate demanding they pay attention – a whale song from Crosby and Nash concert, a whale charity mailing and a hunger for chips came together to spark the idea for a new product  – WhaleTail chips “Better For Dipping By Natural Design”.

Their first bag of whaletail chips was made in 2005, since then they have gained distribution through Wholefoods (Southern California / Redmond Virginia), Jimbos and others. 

As an added incentive – 10% for Whales and Our Ocean
Every time that you purchase a bag of Whale Tails Tortilla Chips, a minimum of 10% of the profit will help fund whale research, education and the preservation of our marine environment. Whale Tails are a delicious way to show you care…

So Ric joined Advisor Garage about two weeks ago looking for angel investors to help grow a great business and increase their contribution to ocean conservation through the sale of their great products.

Interested in helping as an angel or know an angel that may be interested?

Contact Ric via or cut and paste this blog and email it to your angel…:

Role Sought: Angel for Whale Tails
Remuneration Offered: TBD
Service: Fundraising
Business Experience: 15-20 years
Industry: Retail
Industry Experience: 1-5 years
City: san diego
State: California
Country: United States of America

Interested? Click here to reach out to this advice seeker…

To read Ric and Rick’s full story – visit their website: http://www.whaletailschips.com/ 



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