Would You Like to Launch a Business in India or China?

china.jpgAll business pundits agree – there are significant and increasing opportunities for starting and building businesses in China and India but there’s one big question:

“How do I go about it?”

Well, Advisor Garage would like to offer a potential solution – find a person that has started and grown businesses in each country and reach out to them with your elevator pitch.  If your elevator pitch interests them, start building the relationship and who know’s where it may lead… perhaps refining the business, marketing and sales model. Perhaps finding investors, the first few customers and key employees.  Advisors can make all the difference between a dream of great things and making them happen both at home and abroad.

“But where to find these successful entrepreneurs / advisors in India and China?”


Username : andy.wang@ebaotech.com
City: Shanghai
Country: People’s Republic of China
Management Bio: 2000 – Current, Co-founder, eBaoTech Corporation, with HQ in Shanghai, China. Main business is to provide next generation core insurance software to both life and non-life insuers worldwide, eBaoTech is already one of the largest ISV with a complete focus on insurance industry in Asia. 1997 – 1999, Consultant, MicKinsey & Company, China 1995 – 1997, MBA, Harvard Business School
Advisory Pitch Advisor
Would love to talk to people who are interested in starting up a business in China. andy.wang@ebaotech.com
Role Offered: Ongoing
Service: Other
Industry: Technology
Experience: 11-15 years
Remuneration Sought: TBD

Interested? Click here to reach out to this advisor…


Advisory Pitch Advisor
I am doing my third start-up in India and would be delighted to offer practical advice to entrepreneurs looking to start a business in the country. dagarwala
Role Offered: One off
Service: Other
Industry: Finance
Experience: 11-15 years
Remuneration Sought: TBD

Interested? Click here to reach out to this advisor…
But the reality is there are a number of advisors, in multiple sectors offering to become advisors to companies that excite them in China, India, the UK, Latin America and a range of other countries and regions.

Go dig around within Advisor Garage – You may be suprised by who you find…and how much value they can bring…



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  1. Shashi kumar k


    I am Shashi kumar k from BANGALORE INDIA, I have completed my MBA in HR and working in a consultancy as HR Recruiter coordinator, actually myself with one of my colleague are planning to become entrepreneurs in the field of biotechnology or software industry in INDIA BANGALORE, so please do suggest us and help us in knowing the Advisors for the same.


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