3 Angels Looking to Invest in Great Businesses

Most startups and young businesses could use an injection of capital so I thought I would outline a few angels that have recently joined Advisor Garage. Given the experience and background of these angels, they can definitely be considered ‘smart money’.  Exactly what you are looking for as a CEO or Founder.

So if you have a great new business, come on over to http://www.AdvisorGarage.com and see if your elevator pitch will excite these or any of the other advisors because it’s people like this who can help you move your business forward.

Advisory Pitch  (click for more detail) Advisor
1: I have a general management, M&A and strategy background with experience developing new businesses both on the inside and as an investor. Here’s how we describe my firm’s investment profile on our website: “Blue Sky is primarily focused on backing early-stage companies developing the next generation of breakthrough technologies having applications in critical sectors including financial services, telecommunications, health care and energy. We will also opportunistically provide capital to fund unique projects, purchases and other growth opportunities meeting our investment criteria. Our target investment size is $200,000 to $2 million with the potential for additional commitments in follow-on financing. jshapiro
2: I make angel investments, generally as the first professional investor in on a deal. My goal is not to fund the company, but rather to provide the credibility to raise follow-on money from other angels and venture capitalists. Previous investments include: * Siteler (later funded by Tugboat Ventures) * PBwiki (later funded by Mohr Davidow Ventures) Chris
3: An internationally-recognized expert in the field of information security; frequently quoted by the business and technology press (NY Times, CNN, CBS, NBC, CIO Magazine, etc.); holder of a Ph.D. and multiple patents in the field. Founder and original CEO (later CTO) of Assurent Secure Technologies, a provider of IT security research, software, and professional services, which was acquired in 2006 by a Fortune 1000 company. Currently hold an executive position at a large public company, active in advising startups and angel investing.



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  1. Northern California University

    A unique opportunity to invest in a for-profit California University. Our mission is to drive the growth of the market for higher education and provide our students, partners, investors and people with every opportunity to realize their ambitions for sustainable growth.

    Our responsibility to our investors is clear – continuous profit growth while ensuring our future success. We will prosper through a balance of innovation and superior educational and business decisions that enhances our operations and creates advanced value for our students. Through these actions, we will be the best place to invest in the educational industry. On the basis of these principles, we operate as an independent and profit-oriented enterprise. We expect a high level of performance from each other, and reward this accordingly. We wish to secure an acceptable return on capital for our investors. We shall pursue our mission with a passion for what we do and a focus on priorities that will truly make a difference in our future. Contact: jill@jeromeandjerome.com

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