World Class CTO, Strategist and All Round Business Advisor: Need One?

I have to say that we have been lucky to get some GREAT advisors joining Advisor Garage and offering their expertise to help entrepreneurs move their early stage businesses forward.  As the founder of Advisor Garage I see them all as they sign up…but sometimes, even I’m surprised by the quality of Advisors that decide to join and offer their services…this is one of those times!

The most recent Advisor to join Advisor Garage has world class experience and would be a valuable addition to any advisory board, ongoing support or even interim management.

Take a look at this advisory pitch and let me know if you agree…

Advisory Pitch Advisor
Dr. Schmidt has been developing strategy for technology companies and leading operations in C-level positions throughout the post-boom era. An executive at AOL’s Greenhouse incubator described him as the ideal first hire because of his ability to identify priorities and deliver on them, whether what is required is strategy, leadership, or hands-on grunt work. Educated at Harvard and Cornell, after earning a Ph.D. in computer simulation Schmidt went on to early work as a software architect and project manager. Working as CTO or COO, he has led, among others, an education joint venture of Oxford, Stanford, and Yale universities and a health IT company that provided critical care software to America’s largest HMO. Recently, Dr. Schmidt has been providing technology leadership and strategy to portfolio companies at a private equity firm. pschmidt
Role Offered: Ongoing
Service: Technology
Industry: Healthcare
Experience: 11-15 years
Remuneration Sought: TBD

Interested? Click here to reach out to this advisor…  

If you are transitioning from early stage startup to fast growing company, then Pschmidt could be what you are looking for to take your company to the next level and with credentials like this, having Pschmidt onboard could help you through the venture capital quagmire…

Best of luck.



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