Help Penetrating the Japanese Market: IT, Mobile, Oil / Gas, Chemical, Plastics, Agriculture, Food

Japanese FlagHaving launched new products into new markets I can honestly say that it is always more challenging and takes more time and resources than you can ever imagine – especially if you are not ingrained in the business culture of the new countries. ( included a number of articles in their April 2007 edition focused on “Going Global”.  One of my takeouts from those articles was that you really need someone who has been through the creation and development of new businesses in your target market if you want to optimize your chances of success.

Within Advisor Garage we have advisors from pretty much every country you can think of and covering every continent across the globe – combine this location presence with a broad array of experiences and the Advisors within Advisor Garage could be critical for any company wanting to take their strong national foundations and begin to expand their business foot print abroad. So, if you are looking at penetrating new markets and have Japan in your sights – you should probably reach out to one of the most recent Advisors to sign up to Advisor Garage…

Username :

Advisory Pitch Advisor
Entry strategy for Japanese market. Paulownia
Role Offered: Short term
Service: Other
Industry: Services
Experience: More than 20 years
Remuneration Sought: Fee

Interested? Click here to reach out to this advisor…Advisor Garage is a free resource for entrepreneurs and advisors – helping them connect so young businesses can move their businesses forward. Come along and take a look…



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