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BujiBuji Products (Cade Labs) is a fast growing private company producing the only poison ivy protection system with SPF 24 sunscreen designed to stop the itch before it starts.  Buji joined Advisor Garage to find investors who could help them consolidate this success and build upon it.

There are multiple challenges launching a products company some of which include:
1)  Demand: Identifying & confirming the ongoing customer demand
2)  Production: Developing great products that conform to regulations & retail requirements
3)  Aligned Brand Package: Designing not only a great product but ensuring all elements of the product ‘work’ for the target consumers: product, packaging, marketing, price, copy – the list is almost endless
4)  Gaining Retail Distribution: Tough – especially the first retailer who is ‘taking a risk’
5)  Early Customer Adoption: Targeting the right consumers and gaining early adopters
6)  Growth: Capitalizing on the initial success to increase distribution and launch additional products and extensions.

Buji Products has achieved the top 5 milestones above and are moving forward to increase distribution and potential additional products – what this means for an investor is that most of the key obstacles that could stop this company from being a real ‘business’ have already been resolved…now its just a quesion of how Big and Successful they can become!

1)  Demand – Buji Products are already being sold!
2)  The Buji Product line is created by Cade Laboratories LLC
3)  Buji Products select high quality ingredients and place equal importance on what their products don’t contain—dyes, fragrance and other unnecessary potential irritants. The packaging is fresh, impactful and has strong shelf presence. All imperative when consumers make their purchase decision within the first 2 seconds of seeing a product.
4)  Buji Products have already secured some key retailers for these products both in stores and online: Rite Aid / REI / Kenco / Hudson Trail Outfitters / Campmor
5)  Gaining Early Adopters: Here’s some feedback from one happy customer “”I recently contracted a severe case of poison oak. I\’ve been highly allergic all my life. This was my first bad case in over 25 years. I was suffering for about 2 weeks, despite anti-biotics and steroids. Finally, after trying every home remedy and over the counter product we\’d heard of my wife brought home a tube of buji wash. At that time I still had several areas effected and did a \”test\” on the two worst ones. After one wash, both areas quit itching and immediate I experienced reduced swelling. After a few hours I took another shower scrubbing everywhere with buji wash. Within 12 hours my poison oak was well on the way to disappearing.”

We are glad to see companies of this quality join Advisor Garage looking for Advisors to help with investment and moving the company forward.  This is well worth considering from an investment perspective. If you are interested in finding out more…

Elevator Pitch Seeker
buji is seeking both investors and certified fund-raising professionals in providing/securing a $3 million equity contribution to allow the company to extend its premier poison ivy product line into an expanded portfolio of active-body skin care products, focused on preventing common skin care conditions of active consumers. Market research, consumer trends and intuitive knowledge all reaffirm the business opportunity for establishing the first naturally-based active lifestyle skin care line in the mass market. The company, which was formed in July 2004 and has distribution at Rite Aid, REI and other accounts, is seeking its first equity capital raise. The company, which operates on an outsourcing platform, has been founder funded and financed and is seeking this infusion to expand its product line, grow distribution and fund marketing and operations. buji
Role Sought: TBD
Remuneration Offered: Equity
Service: Fundraising
Business Experience: 11-15 years
Industry: Manufacturing
Industry Experience: 6-10 years
City: Chicago
State: Illinois
Country: United States of America

Interested? Click here to reach out to this advice seeker…

A few recommendations for Others looking for Great Advisors or Investors:
1)  Create a great Elevator pitch within Advisor Garage that will ‘WOW’ the Advisors to want to connect with you (
)  Login to Advisor Garage and go searching for Advisors – some have put themselves in the Angel or VC category – others haven’t but within their Advisor pitches mention an interest in potentially investing
3)  Reach out to the right Advisors and if they are interested (based on your elevator pitch) then they will respond.  Their username will then appear in your “MyAdvisorGarage”.

Be proactive-create some great pitches(

Go looking for great Advisors within Advisor Garage – we have five hundred plus now…

reach out to the ones that can really help sky rocket your company!

and tell others about Advisor Garage – this will bring more Advisors and entrepreneurs into the system which will ultimately help all members…



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