Quality Advisors at Advisor Garage…Need an Angel?

I have written many times about how Advisor Garage finds the Advisors and Entrepreneurs who join every day…the reality is…we don’t!  They find us. 

Every person who joins Advisor Garage is either brought onboard by an existing member or somehow stumbles across us.  Each day I am more and more amazed by how geographically spread the members are – China, India, Europe, South America and of course the United States. The power of word of mouth is an amazing thing!

On our home page (http://www.AdvisorGarage.com), we capture the last fifteen Advisors to join so entrepreneur members can see some of the most recent additions – I thought I would include in today’s article the Advisor at the top of today’s list:

User Name:  RReiner.

Advisory Pitch Advisor
An internationally-recognized expert in the field of information security; frequently quoted by the business and technology press (NY Times, CNN, CBS, NBC, CIO Magazine, etc.); holder of a Ph.D. and multiple patents in the field. Founder and original CEO (later CTO) of Assurent Secure Technologies, a provider of IT security research, software, and professional services, which was acquired in 2006 by a Fortune 1000 company. Currently hold an executive position at a large public company, active in advising startups and angel investing. rreiner
Role Offered: Angel
Service: Provide Investment
Industry: Technology
Experience: 11-15 years
Remuneration Sought: TBD

Interested? Click here to reach out to this advisor…

If we can continue to get this kind of top quality advisor to join Advisor Garage then our service can’t help but be invaluable to entrepreneurs around the world.

Thanks to all that have joined Advisor Garage so far!  The more people that join – the more opportunities for all members.  Tell a friend!



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