Incandescent imaginations fuel kids’ solar startup

SILICON VALLEY’S green energy startups have many worries. Homework usually isn’t one of them.

But for Calsunergy, in the valley’s fast-growing green energy industry, homework will be part of the new business equation.

The chief executive hopes to launch the company before beginning eighth grade in the fall. The chief technical officer is getting ready to start sixth grade. And the company’s chief financial officer and vice president of marketing are readying themselves for fifth grade.

It all started when 10-year-old Aryan Taheri attended a California Clean Tech Open event with his dad, Sam. The older Taheri planned to enter the competition, geared to help entrepreneurs who dream of starting

their own environmentally friendly company.

As his father listened to a presentation, Aryan raised his hand.

“Is there an age limit for entering the competition?” he asked.

Well, no, answered Michael Santullo, co-chair of the open. The organizers hadn’t thought of it.

Aryan went back to his friends, teammates from other competitions, and together they researched ideas for new renewable energy products.

About a month ago, they informally launched Santa Clara-based Calsunergy with hopes of selling low-cost, high-efficiency solar panels. Aryan became the company’s top marketing executive and the group plans to incorporate the company if the product wins the competition.

KIDSIBusiness 2 “It’s very inspiring,” Santullo said. “There [read more for more]

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