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Drupal Camp LA – A Free Event to learn about a rapid web site development f

Need a web site for your startup? Do you develop web sites for others? “Drupal” is a robust, mature web site development framework with a global development community. (The Advisor Garage Community is a Drupal site.) The Los Angeles Drupal Users Group is hosting a free Drupal Camp for developers as well as interested non-technical entrepreneurs and

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User Points and Free Advertising within the Advisor Garage Community

We have just added a small amount of advertising on Advisor Garage to promote our new tool bar!  We would like to offer our members the ability to promote themselves or their businesses to the community.  You may have noticed that each member gains points as they contribute to the Community.  Points are gained for inviting others, creating a blog posting, comments and so on.

We would like to offer active members free text or image ads for one month when they gain at least 250 points for relevant member content.  So the small print here is the points must be gained for adding value to the community…if someone votes for your content you get points, if they vote it down you lose points. Nice and simple huh!

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Amie Street Celebrates First Birthday: Free Music For TechCrunch Readers

“To celebrate their birthday, Amie Street is giving the first 5,000 signups on the site $2.50 in free credit and five free song recommendations. Just use the promo code “TechCrunch.” Note that we are not receiving any compensation from this. Try it out if you like.”

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Top Five List for Building Your Personal Community Site Brand

You are a brand! What me? Yes You!  How many online accounts do you have? How many online communities are you a part of?

If the answer is more than one then yes…you too are a brand.  The question is, are you making the most of your brand?

Top Five Personal Brand Building List:

1)  Brand Image:
Pick a personal photo or icon and use it consistently.  If you have multiple accounts with sites such as Facebook, go back to each of them and use the same image for each.

2)  Brand Messages:
If you are like me, whenever you sign up to a site, the goal is to get through the sign up process as quickly and pianlessly as possible right? Wrong.  Open a blank word document, look at one of your online profiles, cut and paste the text into the word doc and then spend ten minutes thinking through what you specifically want people to know about you.  Rewrite it, tweaks, polish, refine.  When you are happy, go and post that set of personal brand messages into all your profiles.  So consistent brand image and now consistent brand messaging.

3)  Brand Coverage:
Which sites have you joined?  How many?  Pick those that mostly closely align with what you want to get out of being part of a community site and focus on a small number.  Get those profiles perfect!

4) Share of Voice:
Spend time in those communities that you really want to be a part of, sharing, adding value and being part of the group.  Build up your Share of voice in those groups, be a ‘go to’ person if possible – ‘Can’ those memberships that you joined one wet rainy afternoon and now don’t have time or motivation to continue.

5)  Brand Equity:
As you get more involved, keep refining your positioning within the communities – make sure that your profile improves as you do.  Keep it up to date and your brand will strengthen and grow.

Just a few personal branding thoughts – in a nutshell, focus, clarity, consistency, and activity. Add them together and your online personal brand can be a global powerhouse and who knows what benefits that will bring!

Andrew – Founder

My First Startup. What Did I Do Wrong? What Would You Do Different?

When the founders of X-It Products saw a billion-dollar rival imitate the design of their popular new fire-escape ladder, they didn’t have much hope that their tiny start-up could survive. Amazingly, it has. Andrew couldn’t sleep one night in his dorm at Harvard Business School. The smoke alarms were blaring again. Andrew assumed that the alarm

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