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Important for New Business Founders

Its tough being a founder…

How do you learn the lessons you need to start, grow and get funding for your new business?

Sure there are thousands of blogs, education sites like Udemy and speakers on the Ted circuit but me..personally…I like watching and sometime modeling what other, successful entrepreneurs and founders do.

Take the Video Genesis launch for example…

Andy Jenkins and Mike Filsaime have successfully launched products making millions of dollars…

Why is that relevant?

Because if there are two people you should watch…in action…and learn from when it comes to launching a new product, service or company online. Its Andy and Mike…

So, I recommend you take a look at this launch. Sign up, take a step back and keep a careful watch of all the moving pieces. See how they do it. And when it comes to using video as part of a launch (which is what Video Genesis is all about…you’ll also lear some valuable lessons about that too…)

Sure you could go watch some really smart person on a Ted stage talking about product launch…or you could jump into one, and make sure you watch all the levers, the psychological triggers, the moving pieces and see it done for real.

Its you call. Video Genesis Launch.

All the best



PS – Video Genesis Launch Link